GSO Test

GSO Test

Meeting Dates

Full Governing Body Meetings for 2020/21

Tuesday 22nd September 2020, 9.30am (Manor Mead*)

Wednesday 2nd December 2020, 9.30am (Walton Leigh*)

Tuesday 26th January 2021, 9.30am (Manor Mead*)

Wednesday 17th March 2021, 9.30am (Walton Leigh*)

Wednesday 19th May 2021, 9.30am (Manor Mead*)

Monday 5th July 2021, 9.30am (Walton Leigh*)

Other Committees and Groups meet throughout the year as individually agreed.

 * Where it has not been possible to meet in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governing Body meetings have taken place remotely under the Alternative Participation Protocol.